Reddit Alien fun…

  For the non-Reddit folks out there, this pic http://imgur.com/UhZqz.jpg of the Reddit Alien was lovingly rendered by redditor "3danimator" (I’ll update when I find out the name/site).   I had an hour to kill so I thought I'd have a little fun.  Here’s a reddit alien autopsy; horrifying and adorable. Click for a (not much [...]

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New Look

I took a little break and finalized the new look of Tech Op/Ed.  I've switched from Blogger to WordPress.  I liked Blogger, but the New Blogger engine isn't very friendly to external hosting... so it's great if I want to run my blog from Blogger's site, but not from my own domain.  So I started using [...]

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j.ello on IT Part 6: Being Great at Everything But the Job

CIO Magazine has an archive of issues stretching back to 1994.  If you want to know what's been on the minds of IT leaders over the last decade, CIO Magazine is a definitive source.  Notable among their works are the CIO Surveys.  After a decade of unparalleled innovation in computing, one might expect that the role of the IT [...]

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New Geek Haiku

There are surprisingly few computer geek haikus (Haiku/Haikus? My Tao is weak on Haiku pluralization) out there, and most are over a decade old.  Here are some j.ello originals. If you like them, Digg 'em & I'll bring more.  And yes, Digg, you can use the I-Ching one. 12/03 - Welcome to the [H]ardOCP gang!  I'm flattered to make the [...]

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j.ello on IT Part 3: I’ve Got No Strings…

It's the boss' fault.  There... I said it.  But that's not important right now.  First, a lesson in macro-economics, innovation and human nature. Is computing a commodity? A commodity is a bulk product that has no differentiation among vendors.  Commodities are bought and sold almost exclusively based on price as opposed to quality or other unique values and features. [...]

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