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VirtualBox 3.0 Beta: Finally something exciting in desktop virtualization

  Sure, but can it run Excel? – The 3d animator in me appreciates big iron, massive compute clusters and grid computing.  As my compatriots at Pixar and LucasFilm will attest, there is NEVER enough computing power for what we want to do. But my day job is to handle the computing needs of a […]

j.ello on IT Part 1: The New Old Thing

I have been in the so-called “IT” profession for more than half my life.  I am shocked to find how little has changed in that time… and how much everyone thinks it has. I was pleased to find a lovingly-written article on the perennially reborn, long-beloved operating system called GEOS.  If you haven’t heard of […]

j.ello on Tech Op/Ed

Well hello world, glad to see you again.  If you don’t recall, seven years ago I started a little e-zine called the j.ello | report.  I kept up with it for a couple years, had a good number of subscribers… but, as it was a labor of love as opposed to revenue based business, I had to […]