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j.ello on IT Part 3: I’ve Got No Strings…

It's the boss' fault.  There... I said it.  But that's not important right now.  First, a lesson in macro-economics, innovation and human nature. Is computing a commodity? A commodity is a bulk product that has no differentiation among vendors.  Commodities are bought and sold almost exclusively based on price as opposed to quality or other unique values and features. [...]

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j.ello on IT Part 2: IT’s About Automation, Stupid.

What's IT?  For a complete, clear and detailed explanation, we turn to Wikipedia.  Well, ok, so I jest... it's woefully vague, probably inaccurate, though not entirely indefensible.  The current entry just doesn't annoy anyone enough to bother changing it - it's a "democratic truth".  Fact is, IT used to mean something, but misuse, time and evolution have diluted [...]

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j.ello on Tech Op/Ed

Well hello world, glad to see you again.  If you don't recall, seven years ago I started a little e-zine called the j.ello | report.  I kept up with it for a couple years, had a good number of subscribers... but, as it was a labor of love as opposed to revenue based business, I had to [...]

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