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Everyone has things that make them happy and miserable. My suggestion: Do more of the former, less of the latter. I have been lucky to have a hobby as a job, it really takes the edge off.


The Day Job –
I am a 20 year veteran of Information Technology development and management, currently tending to the technology needs of the Krannert School of Management at Purdue University. I started in the news and advertising industries, providing installation and training support, to help usher in the "new era" (at the time) of desktop publishing… developing my own graphics and design expertise along the way. Today, I concentrate on automation and development of inexpensive but reliable alternatives to so-called "enterprise" solutions.

I still consult occasionally, but I prefer being part of an organization where I can concentrate on strategy and emerging technologies. A lot of people throw around the word strategy… here’s what I mean by that: I get a great deal of satisfaction knowing that the work I do has saved *many* millions of $$$s and tens of thousands of man-hours or more, simply by anticipating problems and making possible things that previously were not. Picking the right thing at the right time for the right price and getting people to go along with your plan to best meet an end for whatever business you’re in – that’s the mouthful that I sum up with the word, "strategy".

As I’ve mentioned, IT is a hobby… so if I’m not enjoying myself, there is something very wrong. The quickest way to know if your IT department is screwed up is to check my mood. The IT management related stories in Tech Op/Ed are *not* pontification, they are real experiences repackaged as general illustration.


The Night Job –
I am a CG artist by training. My graphics life has steadily progressed from desktop publishing, to CAD, to photorealistic 3d animation and filmmaking. Most people think IT and Computer Graphics have nothing to do with each other but really, it’s just a different kind of problem solving. In fact, the amount of IT work necessary to do digital filmmaking makes my day job seem very menial. IT work just pays better – especially living in Indiana.

Instead of explaining the details of what I do… Here is an example –

I make this – look like this –

This is work from an independent feature-length film called "Starship II: Rendezvous with Ramses". It was filmed in 100+ degree heat on an unrelenting 2.5 week schedule. Like all independent films, one wears a lot of hats in an effort to fill the gaps. For Starship II I served as the director of photography, special effects supervisor, etc. To give you an idea of the work that goes into it… the above shot lasts only 3 seconds and the set is only used once in the movie.

But I’ll tell ya, making movies is an obscene amount of fun. Sad, that I live in Indiana. :)