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The iPhone is Great! (For Everyone Else)

Stephen Colbert may not be able to get his hand on an iPhone, but yours truly can. :)  (Sorry Stephen, but you’re still our #1 American). I spent some hands-on time with the iPhone a couple days ago and came away with the same general impression that most have had up to this point, except […]

Reddit sends more, Diggers read more.

As any start-up blogger knows, no matter how great (or poor) your content is, getting people to read it is the big trick.  Tech Op/Ed, for example, is here for general technology editorials, but I wanted to get some IT management topics off my chest first, and these articles appeal to a certain niche of […]

4 (Uncommon) Habits for Better IT, part 2

Jump to part 1… II – Use the Resources you have – Damn, if I had a nickel for every organization that bleeds money on unimplemented technology and underutilized, or more accurately “inappropriately utilized” staff… Companies, the world over, could save billions in IT, and operational costs, if they just used what they already have.  It doesn’t matter if you’re Unix […]

4 (Uncommon) Habits for Better IT, part 1

Jump to part 2… I’ve seen my share of IT gone wrong, and I pay attention when it does.  Sure, the problems and solutions may seem obvious, “do good, don’t do evil” as a CIO colleague of mine likes to say… but making the conscious effort to recognize and stand up for the most critical values […]