New Geek Haiku

//New Geek Haiku

New Geek Haiku

There are surprisingly few computer geek haikus (Haiku/Haikus? My Tao is weak on Haiku pluralization) out there, and most are over a decade old.  Here are some j.ello originals. If you like them, Digg ’em & I’ll bring more.  And yes, Digg, you can use the I-Ching one.

12/03 – Welcome to the [H]ardOCP gang!  I’m flattered to make the big feed!  I’ve added a special [H]aiku at the bottom!

Of I-Ching and Digg:
Your words can be at once wise
and irrellevent.

Two cores, four cores, more…
what wonders they must ponder
as you word process.

Does content exist
if no one browses the site?
Digg this article

Know thy interface,
The video you clicked may
need to be closed fast.

Lose not the true Tao
Music formats are fleeting,
Encode from CD

Your post pleases me
I digg that which has been dugg
Feed your fellow geek

Cruel irony
You blog about rejection,
yet no one reads it

Love the written word
But lust not! Each word is lost
from your print quota

Like a Porche in blue,
Your truth is rejected by

Tis not war, nor strife
that vexes thee. Tis thine own
poor file management.

Error so complex,
Far beyond your conscious mind.
Send to Microsoft?

We wish to restrain
hell’s mad fury. Anger subsides,
Un-send does not work.

Behold the fear, rage
of a URL mistyped.
Pop-ups engulf me.

Ripples in a pond
Once computer, now anchor,
still impedes progress

New video card!
re-Activate Windows now
Share your glee with Bill.

We seek tech wisdom.
Marketing hides the true Tao.
The [H] teaches much.

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