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New Geek Haiku

There are surprisingly few computer geek haikus (Haiku/Haikus? My Tao is weak on Haiku pluralization) out there, and most are over a decade old.  Here are some j.ello originals. If you like them, Digg ’em & I’ll bring more.  And yes, Digg, you can use the I-Ching one. 12/03 – Welcome to the [H]ardOCP gang!  I’m flattered to make the […]

j.ello on IT Part 5: Gardening with a Flamethrower.

Mistaking good values for good values – There are a few themes that I’ll go back to over and over again. Here is one: “Your IT is a reflection of your organization’s values.” That’s a good thing, right? You organization values the work it does, those it employs and those it serves, so if your […]