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Well hello world, glad to see you again.  If you don’t recall, seven years ago I started a little e-zine called the j.ello | report.  I kept up with it for a couple years, had a good number of subscribers… but, as it was a labor of love as opposed to revenue based business, I had to put the writing aside for some other projects.  The last 5 years have been quite noteworthy; I’ve been remiss to let them pass without a peep.  Nevertheless, I think even more interesting times are in the near future, especially with businesses, politicians, lawmakers and judges flailing blindly about the place trying to get some kind of handle on the evolving Internet economy. 

“…the human equivalent of a Head-On Commercial.”

So what’s up with this Tech Op/Ed “blog”?  This site is for articles more focused on the evolution of Technology, through business, law, and notable events.  Who doesn’t have a few choice words for Ted Stevens’ “series of tubes” quote?  It’s perhaps *the* most ironically ignorant commentary on the nature of the Internet of all time.  Who’s Ted Stevens?  The chairman of the committee that regulates the Internet… and as far as technology goes, the human equivalent of a Head-On commercial. 

But I can’t be too down on Ted.  In fact, he may not even be an idiot.  He’s actually quite representative of the level of understanding most people have on technology topics.  The problem is that while such massive ignorance exists within entities that directly control the dissemination and regulation of technologies, we will continually find ourselves at the prickly end of the legal and regulatory absurdities that have defined recent times in technology.  It’s a problem the industry faces both externally and internally.  Despite the *vast* amount of “expert” pontification out there, I am still hard-pressed to find an individual who can define even a ubiquitous term like “Information Technology”… and even fewer organizations that have a handle on it.  We’ll come back to this. 

That’s what Tech Op/Ed is about, but what’s in store for the j.ello | report?  One of the reasons I stopped writing the j.ello | report is that it took longer to maintain the site than it did to actually produce the content.  The site would have been (and will be) greatly improved by the more mature “blogging” tools that are available today.  So by experimenting with Tech Op/Ed, I’ll be able to resurrect the j.ello | report in a more manageable form.

In the mean time, I’d like to produce some articles that make a point and are worth reading.  And with that… on to the first post.

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